What is Neuroscout?#

Neuroscout is an end-to-end platform for analysis of naturalistic public fMRI datasets.

Using our interactive analysis builder, you can choose among dozens of naturalistic fMRI datasets and easily build statistical models in your browser. We provide hundreds of pre-extracted predictors, in addition to supporting custom user-uploaded predictors.


Analyses can be downloaded and executed it in one line of code using Neuroscout-CLI, and results are automatically uploaded to NeuroVault for easy sharing with colleagues.


📖 Learn more

Ecosystem: Get familiar with Neuroscout

Paper: Read our eLife paper

Blog: Read our update blog

🚀 Get started

neuroscout.org: Build a custom analysis

Neuroscout-CLI: Run your analysis

Python API: Advanced creation

Where can I get more help?#

Connect with us by asking a question on NeuroStars or open an issue on GitHub to report bugs or request new features.